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Vitamilk- A Quality Brand for Soymilk

Established in Thailand almost 50 years ago, Vitamilk is the one of the
most popular soymilk brands in Southeast Asia. This year, Hoo Hing is
proud to introduce this high quality nutritious soybean drink to our
health conscious customers. Soymilk has long been established in the
Southeast Asian market, it is known for its benefit of reducing the risk
of cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis and in controlling diabetes.
Without any cholesterol and lactose, Vitamilk is made from whole first
class soybean, which contains high proteins and vitamins. It is good for
lactose sensitive individuals, health conscious individuals and great
for everyday consumption. Vitamilk comes in 300ml glass bottle; it is
rich, thirst quenching, creamy with a touch of sweetness in the taste


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